Regular massage is one of the easiest things you can do for your health. It’s also one of the first things we think of as an indulgence.

Your routine is a lot to take in. You wake up to an alarm, get your daily exercise, put out fires in the office, pick up after the family. You work hard and play harder, going for a pick-up game after work and a 10-mile hike on the weekend. You take care of yourself by watching what and how you eat, drinking plenty of water, getting in 10,000 steps. You take care of the car and the yard and the house and the relationship and your parents and kids and pets.  You train super hard for an upcoming event and then you take a long break until the next one. There’s a lot going on and that’s how it works.

Then one day you notice your back hurts, or your shoulder, or you have a crick in your neck. Your legs are on fire from an extra “leg day”. You know you should stretch, but you don’t. You take some ibuprofen and rub in some cream, go on with your day and your day-to-day, waiting to not notice it anymore. But just because you don’t notice it, doesn’t mean it’s gone away. What you feel are symptoms. Usually innocuous, but symptoms just the same.

What I do, what I Love to do, is to alleviate those symptoms (even the ones you’re not fully aware of), so that they don’t build on themselves and become a “problem” either through overuse or avoidance of use. I want you to enjoy using your body to create your best life.

My signature massage utilizes a combination of techniques to achieve your maximum benefit. When you come to see me, we’ll have a brief discussion of your situation, your needs, and wants. We’ll choose to focus on Repair, Restore, or Relax. You’ll receive your full allotted time letting me take care of you and you’ll leave feeling like you’ve done something good for yourself. And my “maintenance rate” schedule allows you to make massage part of your healthcare routine – once a week, once a month, whatever your lifestyle dictates.